The Surgeon The Surgeon

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a unique context.

    1511      The Tudor ship, Mary Rose 

    1545       Shipwreck!

    1982       Maritime archaeology

    2009       Engineering: a new home for the ship

    Today    On-going conservation

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The Surgeon The Surgeon

Welcome aboard. I'm the Mary Rose's Surgeon.

I will be your guide as you discover more about the science in the story of the Mary Rose.

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The velvet coif or bonnet, found in the Surgeon's cabin, suggests that he was a Master Surgeon of the Guild of Surgeons. He would have been granted his licence to practise after a seven to nine year apprenticeship, and after passing an examination.

Unfortunately, like most of the crew of the Mary Rose in 1545, the identity of the Surgeon has been lost as the archives have not survived.

Primary - 5-11 years

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Secondary - 11-16 years

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Welcome aboard. I'm the Surgeon on the Mary Rose and I will be your guide as we explore the science, technology, engineering and maths related to this incredible Tudor ship.